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Darlington PAT Testing will test domestic 240v appliances including IT equipment, 110v 16a/32a leads and equipment and 240v 16a/32a equipment.
As well as testing appliances, replacing damaged or dangerous plugs and fuses Darlington PAT Testing look to provide an up to date list of goods recalled by the manufacturer or supplier due to possible faults or concerns
What Darlington PAT Testing do


We will visually check all electrical appliances for any damage to the appliance itself, the cord or flex and the plug.  The inside of the plug is checked for damage, security of the connections and the correct fuse rating for that appliance. If fuses need replacing they will always be replaced free of charge.  The appliance is then fully tested using advanced testing equipment where earth bond, insulation and leakage tests are completed.  At the end of the tests labels are applied to the appliance to indicate whether it is safe or unsafe to use. 

Here to help you


Sometimes the daily '9-5' isn't the most suitable or convenient time to have appliances tested.  Darlington PAT Testing are happy to help by arranging a time convenient to you which may include evenings or weekends and you will never be charged extra for Bank Holiday calls.



Records are important for a number of reasons.  Firstly, they enable the monitoring of equipment and can help identify potential faults or trends. Secondly, they help formulate the frequency of the need for testing. Records also show that all reasonable steps have been taken to ensure the safe operation of appliances should the unthinkable happen.

Product Recalls


Click here to see a list of products that have been recalled due to safety concerns.  Click on any of the items to open a new page where you will find details of how to return the item or contact the company.

Another source of recalls is the charity Electrical Safety First. Click here to go to their recall page.

The Recall Database is a further excellent up to date source and can be found here


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