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Why is the testing of appliances important?

These pictures show how dangerous appliances can be.


Ok, lets play guess the fuse rating!

A simple table lamp wired back to front and a 13A fuse

Same table lamp-no insulation on the pins


Some charge their phone overnight or under a pillow. This was still being used

Plasticiser from the PVC insulation breakdown covers the terminals. This is toxic!

This cable was damaged to the extent of having the live wire exposed.

The plasticiser from the plug in the previous pic had started leaking via the earth pin.

A microwave cover missing allowing radiation to leak

This microwave had more rust than my car!

All 3 pins had a layer of grease top to bottom. A serious risk of fire and electric shock.

No insulation on the pins

Held together by a bit of tape and a lack of outer insulation on the cable.

A common problem with cables or flexes running along the floor

A fire waiting to happen!

A vacuum cleaner recently in for testing

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